Clean Water Protection

Harpeth Conservancy believes that to realize our Vision of clean water and healthy ecosystems for Rivers in Tennessee championed by the people who live here, we must be actively engaged in helping to shape water policy.

What we do

Harpeth Conservancy is at the helm of statewide clean water policy, including 3 staff members in leadership positions. Jim Redwine, Vice-President & COO, was appointed by Governor Haslam as a representative of Environmental Interests for the Water and Wastewater Financing Board. Dorie Bolze, CEO, has led stormwater management work for 20 years, and is the past Chair of the Williamson County Stormwater Appeals board. Dr. Ryan Jackwood, Director of Watershed Science and Restoration, sits on the Tennessee Stormwater Association board.

Environmental Policy

Harpeth Conservancy leads environmental policy efforts accross the state of Tennessee. Our network of partners and collaborators are constantly assessing issues, making recomendations, and commenting on legislation that could affect the health of our environment.

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