Since 1999, the Harpeth Conservancy’s mission is to restore and protect clean water and healthy ecosystems for rivers in Tennessee. We employ scientific expertise and collaborative relationships to develop, promote and support broad community stewardship and action. 

Program Areas

Harpeth Conservancy believes that to realize our Vision of clean water and healthy ecosystems for Rivers in Tennessee championed by the people who live here, we must be actively engaged in helping to shape water policy.​

The Harpeth Conservancy Science & Restoration program plans and implements projects that protect and improve water quality and stream ecosystem health in the Harpeth River. These projects can be divided into two categories: (1) River science research (2) Environmental restoration activities

Environmental education is critical to our mission by fostering an overall sense of stewardship for environmental health as well as educating the leaders of tomorrow. ​

Rural lands are rapidly disappearing in middle Tennessee — regional planning is needed to preserve our rich history, farmland, waterways, and clean water, not to mention traffic!​

The State Scenic Harpeth River is 1 of only 3 completely free-flowing rivers in the state of Tennessee and over 500,00 people enjoy it annually. ​